What I Did Today

Inspired by the Creative Fiction Foundation oddly interesting “What We Did Today” tumblr, here’s a very incomplete list of what I accomplished (accomplished sounds so lofty and so well… accomplished) today:

1. Finished the final mix of a Wisconsin Life radio piece commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg with a dramatic reading of two letters, one from a soldier at the battle and the other from his fiance describing what she read of the battle in the newspaper. Amazing stuff.

2. Watched a delightful Oreo animation as inspiration for a possible animation/radio project, rekindling my childhood ambition to be an animator.

3. Ate a piece of birthday kringle and marveled with colleagues on the possibility of saving money by eating multiple meals a week from the countless birthday/employment anniversary/new employee/departing employee snack-dessert tables alone.

4. Discussed and celebrated the rehanging of bras on the ceiling of a Milwaukee bar after the city backed down from its bra ban.

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