Selected Work

“Pants on Fire” on Outside/In (2019)

“Unsung: Teaching Girls Power(tools)”for NHPR (2019)

“Unsung: Harriet Wilson” for NHPR (2019)

“Vintage Wisconsin” blog at Wisconsin Public Radio

“The Base of Cooking Local: Wisconsin-Made Cookware,” Edible Milwaukee  (Winter 2016/17)

“Down In History,” The Writer  (October 2016)

“Eat Them To Save Them: Farmers Bring Back Heritage Animal Breeds” Edible Milwaukee (Fall 2016)

“Sacred Ground: Picnic Point,” On Wisconsin (Summer 2016)

“Unprocessed: Bread baking sprouts from past to the future” Edible Milwaukee (Summer 2016)

“Schaum Torte: A Sweet Living History” Edible Milwaukee (Spring 2016)

“Loaves and Fishes” Edible Milwaukee (Spring 2016)

“By Way of Spices” Edible Milwaukee (Winter 2015/16)

“Wisconsin Supper Clubs: Heritage Made Visible (And Edible),” Edible Milwaukee (Fall 2015)

“Kohler and the American Club,” Edible Milwaukee (Summer 2015)

“Victory Gardens in Wartime Wisconsin and Today,” Edible Milwaukee (Spring 2015)

“Free Love in Victorian Wisconsin: The Radical Life of Juliet Severance,” Wisconsin Magazine of History (Autumn 2014)

“Lizzie Black Kander and the Way to Milwaukee’s Heart,” Edible Milwaukee (Winter 2014)

“Wisconsin’s Goddesses and Queens,” Edible Milwaukee (Fall 2014)

“Breaking Fasts in Style,” Edible Milwaukee (Spring 2014)

“Fish Feasts on Holiday Menus” Edible Milwaukee (Winter 2013)

It’s a Mailbox… It’s a Bird House… No, Wait, It’s a Library!” On Wisconsin (Winter 2012)

“A Gentleman and a Scholar,” On Wisconsin (Fall 2012)

“There’s an Apps for That,” On Wisconsin (Summer 2012)

“History for Breakfast,” Midwest Living (June 2012)

Bloomers: A Women’s History of Clothing,” Wisconsin Life (March 2012)

Cross Country Skiing: Embracing Winter in Wisconsin,” Wisconsin Life (February 2012)

Scandinavians’ Strange Holiday Lutefisk Tradition,” Smithsonian (8 December 2011)

The Salamanders that Refuse to Grow Up,” Smithsonian (29 August 2011)

Alice in Dairyland,” Wisconsin Life (June 2011)

Giving Them What They Want: The Reinhardts and Medical Quackery in Wisconsin,” with Matthew Jensen, Wisconsin Magazine of History (Spring 2011)

A Well-Founded Fear of British Food,” Food & Think on (March 2011)

Women’s History Month: Why it Matters,” Wisconsin Life (March 2011)

Helene Stratman-Thomas: Wisconsin Songcatcher,” Wisconsin Magazine of History (Winter 2010-2011)

Winter in Wisconsin: Why would anyone stay?” Wisconsin Life (February 2011)

11 Very Important Things to Know About Cider,” Mental Floss (November 2009)

Amazing Grace,” On Wisconsin (Winter 2009)

“The Old Ball Game: Vintage Base Ball,” MyMidwest (March/April 2009) –

  • Winner of the 2009 North American Travel Writers Association Gold for Historical Travel

“Dashing Through The Snow: Sleigh Rides in Wisconsin,” Wisconsin Magazine of History (Winter 2008 – 2009)

Made-to-Order Farms,” Wisconsin Magazine of History (Summer 2007)

Dear Mrs. Hazard,” On Wisconsin (Spring 2007)

Citizen Scientist: Increase Lapham,” Wisconsin Natural Resources (February 2007)

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