Little Free Libraries

A Little Free Library in Canada

Have you seen one? Have you used one? Found anything you treasure? The Little Free Library project is the subject of my latest piece in the current issue of On WisconsinIt’s an inspiring project that has taken the world by storm. There’s at least one on every continent save Antarctica (and who knows – maybe there will be on there soon!), and what seems like nearly every street in Madison. These boxes never fail to make me smile – and have become real neighborhood builders all over the world.

[Apologies for the short shrift on the blog of late – book deadline approaching!]

6 thoughts on “Little Free Libraries

  1. Just in case any of you readers want to be able to count on a writer to treat your story with sensitivity and insight, count on me to offer a strong endorsement for Erika. I can say this after her article on Little Free Libraries came out. We have received nothing but compliments and praise for the writer as well as the story. And we appreciate the thoroughness and attention to detail that Erika showed in the piece. It was/is one of the best articles we have seen on our little project. We feel blessed.
    Obrigado and gracias!

  2. I’m glad you like our library! If you tug on the pull beside the bottom sign, the bell on top rings – its a big hit with children (and the young at heart). Our experience hosting a Little Free Library has been absolutely wonderful and heart-warming. We’ve met SO many wonderful people, from near or far, and have had over 500 books move through the LFL in the 5 months we’ve been open. I highly recommend becoming a Little Free Library steward (or at least a patron), there hasn’t been a day yet where it doesn’t bring a smile to my face and affirm my faith in humanity. -Charlene, LFL#1849 in Winnipeg

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